Habib Qaderi Live in Europe

A luxurious year end celebration with Habib Qaderi
presented by HB Entertainment.
After a long absence in Europe, Habib Qaderi  who is part of the top of the Afghan pop music industry for years, will finally give 2 spectacular shows in Europe.
His concerts will be held in prestigious venues and pleasant atmospheres.
Together with his live band, Habib Qaderi has prepared a unique performance for this tour.

Experience the musical journey and let yourself be carried away by his unique sound!
Concert dates:

25-12-2018 Hamburg Germnay

26-12-2018 Amsterdam Nederland



24-12-2018 Hamburg Germany

Music House Event & Catering
Haldesdorfer Straße 106, 22179 Hamburg, Germany

Doors open at: 18:00 hrs.

Tel: 0176 70455481 / 0171 8120195

VIP : €50,-

Regular: €35,-

at the door +€10,-


26-12-2018 Amsterdam Nederland

De Koning Party & Events
Isolatorweg 29
Doors open at: 18:00 hrs.
Tel: 0687032312
VIP : €50,-
Regular : €35,-
at the door +€10,-







Agenda HB Entertainment: Habib Qaderi Live in Europe! Hamburg 25-12-2018 / Amsterdam 26-12-2018